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First VW Beetle Trike Project

I started to built my first VW Beetle trike when I was working at 69 Cycles, in Glasgow. I had picked up an American custom car magazine or book, and there was a picture in it that inspired me.
There was a scrap yard close to 69 cycles so a couple of weeks later I had my hands, trusty grinder and burning torch on a scrapped 1200 Volkswagen beetle.

Initially progress was fast, as I transformed it from rotting beetle, to trike rolling chassis. However after a few weeks, spending all the spare time I had, I was nowhere near finishing the plating and welding. I thought I would pull the engine out and overhaul it, no wonder this pile of crap was scrapped. The engine was on par with the body, totally F**KED.

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Reliant Trike Project

Then, in Back Street Heroes Magazine, Chris Ireland of Desperate Dan's, had built what was famously known at the time as the Beach Bastard, a similar looking trike to the one I was building.

Reliant Trike Perthshire Scotland

Over the next few weeks customer after customer asked if I was copying, that Beach Bastard that Desperate Dan's had built, the one in BSH.
I don't do copies, so that was that, I was going to take the burning torch to it when a mate offered me some cash for it.


I should have learned never to work on rusty car bodies again, it takes forever.


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