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VW Beetle Trike Project 2

When I moved to Perthshire I saw a picture in a magazine of a stretched VW Beetle car, it looked so cool. The seed was planted, the idea was to build a stretched VW Beetle Trike.

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VW Beetle Trike Perthshire Scotland UK

As you can see from the pictures, the general idea of the stretched beetle, is to keep the original body of the VW Beetle. In the article I read, they welded another front end, off a VW Beetle onto the front, and that's what made theirs stretched.
With this trike the rider would sit where the original fuel tank was, and the front section bolts/welds onto the front axle mounting points.

VW Beetle Trike Trikes Perthshire Scotland

This trike had the same tank and front end from my first trike attempt, that's because my mate never finished it either, and I bought it back off him. I scrapped most of it and kept these bits.

VW Beetle Trike Trikes Perthshire Scotland

I took some pictures beside other beetle to give you an idea of its length. You can see from the pictures that rust has rotted these vw's.

VW Beetle Trike Trikes Perthshire Scotland

After spending to much time on these beetles I had had enough, I took the burning torch and angle grinder to them and decided to build a vw trike from solid steel making a new trike frame from good quality metal, no more rusty crap. See the next vw trike, which I did finnish, by clicking on 3 below.

I still love the concept of this trike, and if I ever win the lotto (a lot more than a tenner obviously) I would buy a Beetle in mint condition and finnish building a stretched VW Beetle Trike.

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