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Reliant Trike Project

I started this project more years ago than I will admit to, it was to be a short, low, safe and good handling trike. It will be capable of carrying four people, it will be a tight fit with three in the back, but if they are not to big it should be okay.

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Reliant Trike Project Perthshire Scotland

I have no pictures of the Reliant before stripping it down and no pictures of the frame work before this stage.

Reliant Trikes Perthshire Scotland

The reson for the double rollcage is simple, a couple of years before I started building this, I crashed head-on into a car in another trike I had built. The wife and kids were on it at the time, no one was injured except me, I broke a pinky and a big toe, we had a lucky escape. However I was aware what could have happened if the accident had happened slightly differently, and I decided that I would put them in a more secure cage. Cage doesn't sound right but I think you know what I mean.

Reliant Trike Perthshire Scotland

I had no real plan or to be precise design for this trike apart for the afore mentioned - short, low, safe and good handling - it really just took shape as I held bits of tube up to it. Before I new it I had built the frame. The roll bars were actually left over tubes that I had bent-up from a previous job.

Reliant Trike Perthshire Scotland

I new it would have leading link type forks since I have built/used a few of these before, and they work really well on trikes. The front wheel is off of an Audi I think, not too sure, I bought it from a local scrappy, and just liked the look of it. Not sure if I will keep it on the finished version of the trike though.

Reliant Trike Perthshire Scotland

I like triangulation it makes things really stiff and strong and I incorperated it into the Reliant's standard chasis which was in good condition when I stripped the Reliant down.

Reliant Trike Perthshire Scotland

I wanted to have easy access to the engine/gearbox and decided to do-away with the traditional front down tube(s) and tank tube and ended up with the setup you see in the pictures.

Reliant Trike Perthshire Scotland

The rear wheels are 13" steel weller, that I bought from the local tyre fitter. They have a Ford Escort stud patern, different to the Reliant pitch, I didn't want to drill out the wheels so I made up a 20mm thick circular spacer with both wheel stud pitchs ie. eight holes on each spacer, 4 Reliant pitch, 4 Ford. These spacers and wider wheels should also help with the road holding/handling, especially compaired to the standard Reliant.

Reliant Trike Perthshire Scotland

The dash again just came into being without much effort or planning, however I must admit I do like the way the carb and bellmouth cut through it.


I have made a fair bit of progress to the trike since I took these pictures however I moved it to a mates shed to give me more room to work on other bikes. I do plan to post updated pictures in the next few weeks/months/years, shit who knows, hopefully soon.


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