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Yamaha FJ1200 Chopper

Here are some pictures of a Yamaha FJ 1200 that we are currently working on.

The frame design is a trellis beam structure, this type of design makes for an Immensely strong frame backbone. The engine is then suspended from this, there are no conventional down tubes.

It also has the appearance of a "goose neck" to the frame although it's acheived unconventionally.

The frame design originated from the concept of keeping the line from the stearing head to the rear wheel as straight as possible, when producing some drawings of frames it just kind of evolved into this.

These pictures were taken while it sat on the Jig. The background was removed to make it easier to see the frame and details.

Yamaha FJ1200 Custom Chopper Perthshire Scotland

The exhaust is a 4 - 2 - 1 set-up, the front section uses the original exhaust headers, they join a stainless steel pipe running parallel to the engine on each side and turn up behind the engine and in front of the rear wheel. The "silencer" is a stainless steel tube formed into an oval shaped end can.

Yamaha FJ 1200 Chopper Motorcycle Chassis Glasgow Scotland

We turned up some solid engines mounts to replace the standard rubber ones. The flame brackets are a feature we've used on a few chops, these one's only support the foot pegs, the gear and brake levers, and are not used for mounting the engine.
The fuel tank will be made from aluminium and fit inside the frame, level with the top tube.

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The girder forks were put on the bike just to see if it looked ok with girder forks. The fork lenght is about 12" (30cm) to long.
When we make girders for it they will be made of heavier material as these look a bit spindly on it.

Yamaha FJ1200 Custom Chopper Frame Perthshire Scotland


Yamaha FJ1200 Chopper Girder Forks Scotland


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