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For Sale

The Triumph 650 Bonnie

The Triumph 650 Bonnie in the Current Projects Page will be for sale in April 2011

I am open to genuine offers or if you would like to view it, contact me.

I might consider any bike or uncompleted project in part exchange, again contact me.

Please note: Professional Tyre Kickers will be Kicked Back, You have been warned !!!!!

Also Note: Do not waste your time contacting me and asking if I would like to advertise the bike in your whatever - I am not interested

Click HERE to view it


VW Beetle Rear Axles and Gear Boxes

I have 2 VW Beetle rear ends for trikes.

These have been cut off at the tunnel before the torsion bar ready for triking.

Each one comes with a log book and gearbox - NO ENGINE

I will post pictures soon, if interested contact me.

Above conditions apply.


BETA B6 Reparto Corse Trials Bike Parts

Contact me for further info.


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