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Custom Chopper Motorcycle Hardtail Frames Scotland

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Contact Details

Land line Phone: 01796 482 398 Contact Times: Mon. to Sat 9am to 7pm

I operate a busy one man workshop, I am often grinding, welding, turning, milling or generally making a lot of noise, I therefore either don't hear the phone ringing or I'm right in the middle of something and can't stop. Please take that into account when you phone, if it is not answered please leave a message and I will always call you back as soon as possible.

Mobile Phone: 0777 880 44 24 Contact Times: Mon. to Sat 9am to 7pm

Similar to the land line Above. Or you can send me a text message.


chopperz email address

I check my email weekly, I will always reply to your email, however please allow about a week or so for the reply.

Workshop Visits:

Because I am a one man business; I am not always at the workshop, I might have been dragged off to the shops, I could be getting materials, I often have deadlines for work or whatever.
For that reason I operate visits by arrangement only.
Visits are easy to arrange and customers are more than welcome to come and see me, however at a time that suits us both. Give me a call / text / email and I will give you traveling details and arrange a date for the visit.

Facebook - YouTube:

New to this, I do try to log on as often as possible, however not every day. PM me (I believe that's what it is called) and I will reply ASAP.
I usually update Facebook and YouTube with new stuff before I update this website so if you want to be a Friend or Like, I always say yes (No I'm not easy), so you can keep up-to-date that way. Just don't bombard me with hundreds of crap or I will use my virtual boot on you!!!!

YouTube I am listed as ChopperzUK, click here to visit that page.


Web Contact Form

Please fill out the form below, I have kept the required boxes to a minimum, remember if you don't give me at least one means of replying to you I Can't Reply. Yes it does happen!!!!!!


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