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About Chopperz

Chopperz is a custom motorcycle frame manufacturer working in Perthshire, Scotland.

It is run by myself Jim Strang, when it gets really busy, I can call on my sons, Jim a qualified mechanical engineer, and Rory a fabricator welder specialising in stainless steel, to lend a hand.

I have been building choppers for many years, and have been building frames professionally since 1984 when I started Street Custom Manufacturer (SCM), manufacturing frames for bikes and trikes. I built frames for customers and various bike shops in Scotland and Ireland. In 1988 I started building frames and bikes at 69 Cycles in Glasgow.

My work ethos, principles, standards, attitude and way of life are simple – Friendly, Straight Talking and No Bullshit. Absolutely Guaranteed.

I only use quality materials, suitably matched for the job they have to do, and produce work to the highest standards of quality workmanship possible.

I maintain a good relationship with customers by remaining in contact with them throughout the job. Letting them know how it’s progressing, either over the phone / text or via email, sending photos nightly of work carried out that day.

I always give a delivery date for work that is realistic and accurate; I do not take on work and have you waiting for months for its return, unless that’s what we agreed when I took on the work. Doing so only pisses you off and creates chaos in my workshop.

My customer’s benefit from always knowing they are not getting ripped off, prices I quote are the prices they pay.

Although I mainly manufacture frames, hardtails, frame conversions and bike components I do take on complete bike builds and longer type projects, however these are very limited in number. Please contact me for more information or to discuss you project.

Contact Chopperz On:
Tel: 01796 482 398 ~ Mobile: 0777 880 44 24
Via the web HERE

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