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Custom Chopper Hardtail Frame Videos

Chopper Frames, Hard Tail Frames and Frame Modification Videos

I hope you will enjoy these videos. I will try to make them as informative as possible, explaining some of the finer details that go into the craft of building a motorcycle frame.

Chopperz also supply its customers with a DVD of their frame being built.
We also email pictures of your frame or hardtail being fabricated, keeping you up-to-date, with its progress.


Ural Cossack Dnepr Frame

In this video extended the engine cradle of a Cossack Ural Frame
so that a Diesel Engine could be fitted.


Honda Superdream Hardtail Frame

This video shows a hardtail being built for a Honda Superdream.


Yamaha XS650 Frame

This is a series of 2 videos showing a Custom Bobber Chopper Hardtail Frame being built for a Yamaha XS 650.
They show how I approach the tube notching and other details, I hope you enjoy.

Part 1 of 2


Yamaha XS650 Frame

Part 2 of 2


Harley Davidson Sportster Engine

This is a series of 3 videos showing a Chopper Hard Tail Frame for a Harley Davidson Sportster Engine being Built.
They take you through the various stages, from the Technical Drawing of the Frame to the Frame as a Roller.
Part 3 concentrates on the modifications done on the Girder Fork Front End including widening the swing arms, fitting of the Sporty front wheel and caliper.
Part 3 also contains footage of the frame in the rolling chassis.

Part 1 of 3

Harley Davidson Sportster Engine
Part 2 of 3

Harley Davidson Sportster Engine
Part 3 of 3 ~ Girders


Kawasaki Z1100 Shaft Drive Engine

Series of 3 videos showing a Custom Chopper Hard Tail Frame for a Kawasaki Z1100 shaft drive. It starts with me explaining the jig and taking the viewer through the steps involved in the project.

Part 1 of 3


Kawasaki Z1100 Shaft Drive Engine
Part 2 of 3



At present I am still working on this project, making the leading link front end & various other components, I will post Part 3 of the video once work is completed.

Kawasaki Z1100 Shaft Drive Engine
Part 3 of 3 Coming Soon


Matchless Bolt-On Hard Tail

This video shows me building a Chopper Bolt-On Hardtail for a Matchless Frame. Made for Doug's Cycles in Studley, Warwickshire, England. Sound bloke if you live near and need work done give him a call.
Click Here to see a couple of his Bikes and Contact Details

In case you thought that the background track wasn't Kele you were right I had to replace it with one from YouTube, It is now: Back On The Trail, By Shiatsu - The Mind, Body & Soul. Copyright !!!!!!


Kawasaki GPZ750 Exhaust System

This video is made up from clips that I emailed the customer each night. He lives in Aberdeen and dropped off his bike, a Kawasaki GPZ750 at the workshop one weekend and asked me to make a set of high level 4 into 2 exhaust pipes to replace the ones fitted when he bought the bike.
I first filmed the pipes at different positions/angles to see what he preferred, and via email we arrived at the finished exhaust you see in this video.

Yamaha XS 400 Hard Tail & Tank Tube Conversion

This customer contacted me via email and phone, stating that he had bought a Yamaha XS400 with a rather ugly hardtail, he sent me some photos of it as it stood and asked what could I do to improve it.

He also sent some pictures of a Yamaha XS650 he had seen on the internet and asked if I could make his frame look similar.

As you will see from this video I utilised the images sent to me and designed a hard tail, a tank tube conversion and a steering head rake into the new frame.

The transition is astonishing compared to the original photos.

The frame (minus the hardtail) was posted to me, and the finished frame, was posted back within 2 weeks.

Unfortunately YouTube has viewed this video's background music i.e. the music I was listening to when filming it (Adele 19) as copyright infringement.
So you might have to click on their link to view this video on YouTube.
The link will open in a new window, and will not close this website.
Sorry for the inconsistency however it is out of my control.

I have videoed this frame being wrapped for posting, to view that video click HERE


I have uploaded these videos from YouTube, you can find me there under ChopperzUK.


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