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Please Note:
The article below turned out longggger than I predicted, so feel free to skip the Gumf and watch the vid.

Yes Gumf is a real word I checked on Google and the Urban Dictionary defined it as: "A whole lotta crap... "


I have had a lot of enquiries from people living in Scotland and England telling me that they have a frame that local shops don't make hardtails for or there are no frame builders near them, "Can I help them?"

The answer to that question is simply yes. I can build a hard tail for any stock motorcycle frame ever made.

The next question is usually "I live 100's of miles from you, how can I get my frame to you?"

Again the answer is simples (pronounce that last word with a meerkat type voice) - POST your Frame to me.

So I decided to make a video of how I wrap frames for posting back to customers, I have also put some other information that I left out of the video on this page.

First off, it's easy; all you need is some thick cardboard, some tape, sharp scissors and a Stanley type blade.

I should probably put some kind of Health and Safety note here about using sharp blades and that I cannot be held responsible if you cut your throat while attempting this - but fuck all that cotton wool pish, this isn't Blue Peter after all.

I use Royal Mail Standard Parcels for sending frames, the main reasons are:
1) They haven't let me down - Yet.
2) There is lots of Post Office's about, and one is close to me, that I like to support, or they will shut it.
3) Their price is okay.
4) They usually deliver by the time they state i.e., 3 - 4 days

The cost at present is £14.69 for up to 20kg however I send the frame with the Maximum Compensation Cover of £500 which costs £21.83 this includes vat etcetera. (Price correct March 2011)

The main reason for wrapping the frame well, is not so much to protect it, frames are pretty strong, its to stop the postal workers from getting dirty, cut or some other cotton wool injury.
Years ago I would stick a label to it and they would sent it no problems, no wrapping, nowt. - Progress eh!!!!!

The limits for RM Parcels that effect me is Length - 1.4m max at longest point i.e., from top front of steering head diagonally to end of axle plates including any packaging around these points.
This will not affect you posting a frame to be hardtailed to me, but can limit the length of hard tail I can weld to the frame to post back, I have not had a problem so far, however I thought I would point this out, a 3ft (1m) long hardtail is out (I have never been asked to make one that long, probably because it would look crap). Bolt-on hard tails have no problems since I post them unbolted with the two sections fitting inside each other.

If you are sending a frame to me, can I suggest that you remove the back section and swinging arm, by doing so it might bring the weight down to under 10kg which will mean postage is cheaper (£19.33 including £500 comp.) also it will make it easier to wrap, less cardboard, tape and time spent wrapping.

As I state in the video I prefer gaffa tape to the brown parcel tape because it is stronger, stickier and more durable, however I will use parcel tape on the outside to help cling film to hold together. Parcel tape is much better than thin house hold sellotape which definitely should not be used on the cardboard.

You can find Gaffa tape on ebay for £3.99 including P&P for a 48mm x 50m roll on a buy-it-now, it can also be called Duct, Duck, Gaffer and Cloth Tape. You can find the 10m roll a bit cheaper however I don't think that is enough, better to get a longer length and be left with some, its handy stuff to have kicking about the house/workshop. It also comes in many colour's however that doesn't matter they are basically all the same strength and stickyness (if that is a real word - spell check does'na think so)

Well I think I have said enough, if you have any other queries feel free to contact me, I am always happy to help. I hope this article and video are of some help.


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