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Chopper Motorcycle Frame Aberdeen Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland UK

Custom Motorcycle Frame Aberdeen Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland England UK

Custom Chopper Motorcycle Aberdeen Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland UK

Custom Chopper Motorcycle Hardtail Frame Aberdeen Glasgow Edinburgh Perthshire Scotland

Custom Chopper Motorcycle Hardtail Hard Tail Frame Scotland England UK

Custom Chopper Motorcycle Frame Aberdeen Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland UK

Custom Chopper Frames

Chopper Frames, Hardtails and Frame Modifications

Chopperz specialise in one-off's, every frame or hardtail is hand crafted and completely unique. No two frames are ever the same.

I start the frame building process with a technical drawing, sending the customer a digital copy allows for any alterations they may want to make, once it is approved the build can start.

Working from this drawing the engine, steering head and axle plates are positioned on the jig. Frame tubes are then cut, bent and tack welded into position, engine mounts and other brackets are also hand crafted and fitted.

All this work is carried out with precision and accuracy, ensuring a straight robust quality frame.
Having a fine eye for detail and design enables me to create a frame with nice lines and dare I say, a thing of beauty.

Depending on its complexity a One Off Custom Chopper Hardtail Frame takes between 40 to 80 (occasionally more) hours to complete. In a year I produce around 20 unique custom frames and hardtails.

I am currently (Feb 2014) taking orders for delivery in approximately 12 - 14 weeks.

I have put some frequently asked questions, and more info about frames including prices in a section below the photos.

Below are some example of previous work

I have divided this into 3 sections; One off Chopper Frames, Weld on Hardtail's and Various Frame Modifications.

NOTE: Click on any image below for larger photographs of the frames and more info.

Yamaha XS650 Custom Bobber Hardtail Frame

Harley Davidson Sportster Sporty Custom Chopper Hardtail Hard Tail Frame HD
Harley Davidson Sportster Custom Chopper Hard Tail Frame

Yamaha TR1 Virago Hard Tail Motorcyle Frame
Yamaha TR1 Virago Hard Tail
Motorcyle Frame

Yamaha FJ1200 Custom Chopper Frame
Yamaha FJ1200 Custom Bobber Hardtail Frame

Kawasaki Z1100 Custom Chopper Hard Tail Frame
Kawasaki Z1100 Custom Chopper Hard Tail Frame
Custom Chopper Frames Scotland
Suzuki GS Custom Hardtail frame
Custom Chopper Frames Scotland
Custom Chopper Hard Tail Frame
Shaft Drive Custom Chopper Frame Scotland
Shaft Drive Chopper Hardtail Frame
Goose Neck Hardtail Frame
Goose Neck Chopper Hard Tail Frame
Below are hardtail's I have built for a wide variety of bike frames.
They have all been built using my frame jig.
HD Ironhead Sportster Hardtailed frame
HD Ironhead Sportster Frame
Hard Tailed
HD Sporty Sportster Frame Hard Tailed
HD Evo Sportster Frame
Hard Tailed
Yamaha XS500 Hard Tail Chopper Frame
Yamaha XS500 Hard Tail Chopper Frame
Matchless Custom Chopper Hardtail Frame
Matchless Chopper Hardtail Frame
Triumph Bonneville Custom Hardtail OIF Motorcycle
Triumph Bonneville OIF Hardtailed, Electric Box and Sprung Seat
BSA A65 Custom Chopper Hardtailed Frame
BSA A65 Hardtail Frame
Matchless Custom Chopper Hardtailed Frame
Matchless Custom Hard Tail Frame
Triumph Bonneville Bolt-On Hardtail
Triumph Bonneville Bolt-On Hardtail
Yamaha XJ600 Hardtail Chopper Bobber Frame
Yamaha XJ600 Hardtail & Tank Tube
Custom Chopper Hardtailed Frame
Bespoke Custom Hardtailed Frame
Honda 400 Four Hardtailed Frame
Honda 400 Four Hard Tail Frame
Below are pictures of various frame modifications,
this is just some examples.
Yamaha XS 400 Custom Chopper Hardtail Frame
Yamaha XS 400 Custom Hardtail Frame and Tank Tube Conversion.
Triumph Bonneville OIF Goose Necked Custom Frame
Triumph Bonneville OIF Goose Neck Custom Frame
Suzuki GT 750 triple hardtailed frame
Suzuki GT 750 triple Hardtailed Frame and Tank Tube Conversion.
Norton Featherbed frame with Kawasaki Z750 engine
Norton Featherbed frame with Kawasaki Z750 engine.
Cossack Ural Dnepr Frame
This is a photo of a Ural Dnepr Cossack frame that I have replaced the tank tube on while extending the engine cradle to allow a diesel engine to be fitted.
Suzuki LS650 Custom Chopper Bobber Hardtail Frame
Suzuki LS650 Hardtail
Battery Box and Various other parts were also made for this.
Kawasaki Z750 Twin Hardtail Chopper Frame
Kawasaki Z750 Twin was Hardtailed, Tank & Engine Tubes were Replaced


What types of frame can Chopperz build?

Chopper Frames, Bobber Frames, Custom Frames, Street Fighter Frames and Race Replica Frames.

I designed my motorcycle frame jig to enable me to accurately build every type of frame possible, however everything has its limitations, and this jig is no exception. I have just not had a frame it cannot accommodate...... Yet!!!!!!!

In general I can build chopper frames with an extremely high steering head, any degree of rake, any length of frame and ground clearance from 25mm (1") to 300mm (12") or more.

In fact almost any frame design and style you want.

What types of engine can Chopperz build frames for?

You can use any 1, 2, 3, 4  & 6 cylinder engine, from makes such as: Triumph, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, Ducati, and just about every other make and model that I know of.

When you order a frame or a hardtail.

I might require some basic measurements from you: the size of the wheels, front fork length, ground clearance required. From these sizes I can prepare a scaled drawing of the purposed build for your approval.
I can also work from pictures of bikes that you like the look of.

The Build & Materials.

I only use quality materials, suitably matched for the work they have to do. When manufacturing frames or components I tend to use the term "over-engineered" however this simply means built to last. I build sturdy durable frames as standard, designed and built to last a life time.
All welding, engineering and fabrication are to the highest standards of workmanship.

What I require to build your one off custom frame.

I only build one-of-a-kind custom motorcycle frames and hard tails, no two are ever the same.
I will therefore require an engine or cases*, or your old frame to make an engine jig from (Returned ASAP).
I've had frames posted from Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland, so distance is not a problem.
However the USA, and the rest of Europe, thanks for all the enquiries, I'm sorry at present posting to the USA and the rest of Europe is not viable due to the postage cost.
* I do not need: Triumph 650/750 unit engine, HD Sportster, and Yamaha XS650 XS400 engines to build a frame, since I have Jigs of these.
Please see the Posting A Frame Page for further information on how easy and cheap this is in the UK.

Progress Reports

Once works starts, I will email pictures of your frame or hard tail being fabricated, keeping you up-to-date, with its day to day progress.

Price Guide (Price Correct - Feb. 2014)

Hard Tail Frames from £895
Swinging Arm Frames from £975
Hardtail Welded to your frame from £455 - Triumph Bolt-On Hardtail £385
Single top tube conversion from £175
All other work charged @ £25 per hour + material costs.
NO vat to be added to prices.


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