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Chopper V

After leaving 69 Cycles I had time to build a new chopper, it might be classed as a revamp of the last chop however a lot of work went into creating it.
A new tank was fabricated, it was welded into the frame, to become part of it. A new rear mudguard and support stays were also fabricated and welded into the frame. This was then plastic coated yellow (the favorite colour for my chops) this was then sprayed with a flame job, my best yet, and finished with half a dozen coats of clear lacquer.

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Triumph Custom Chopper

A lot of work went into the engine to, all bearing were replaced, everything that could be drilled/lightened/polished were, and I finally got round to fitting a different carb. Not the 32mm twin Webber that I had planned to fit earlier - No, to small, a twin 40mm Dellorto carb. YeeHa!!!

Choppers Customs Scotland

I got the carb manifolds turned to my spec, tapering the inlet down from 40mm to 32mm over a length of 100mm, this was designed to stop the fuel/air vapor condensing into droplets. It worked brilliantly.

Choppers Custom Bikes Scotland

I engraved the primary case with a flame design, the chain guard was also engraved, by a mate, using a machine in his work it states: IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE - DON'T FUCK WITH THIS BIKE.

Triump Chop Scotland

The front mudguard is a fiberglass copy of the Triumph 3TA/5TA Bathtub model. There is no side stand fitted however as you can see from the pictures there is a side stand, the difference is I carry it with me and slip it over the rear foot peg mount (either side) when stationary there is also a modified vintage rear centre stand fitted.

Custom Bikes Choppers Scotland

The rear flame rack is forged and doubles as the mounting point for the pillion seat when required. The number plate bracket can be removed for rear wheel removal, and there is middle section of mudguard that is quickly fitted/removed if raining.

Chops Choppers Custom Bikes Scotland

Below is a picture of the chop sitting next to my mate chick's 1100 R Gixer, I just put this pic in because I thought is gives a good idea of scale.

Custom Triumph Chopper Scotland

I made some modified foot pegs so that I could take my young lad out for a blast, he is now 21 and rides his own bike. You can also see that the seat fits onto the rack.

Chopper Built in Scotland

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