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Chopper II

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This was the second chopper I built. Building started in the winter of 1982/83 in my coal shed. The frame I used on this bike was a BSA A7 Plunger, I cut off the plunger lugs and welded steel axle plates on to it.

Bonnie Chopper

The back wheel used a bonnie disc hub laced to a 15" car rim with a 165x15 car tyre fitted. This handled surprisingly well, and is something I stuck with on future bikes.

The engine was taken from my previous chop, I rebuilt it using new bearings / bushes / parts through-out. I also converted it to a right hooker (right hand gear change). I also added an oil cooler, which I modified from an old fridge. To set it off a set of BSA high level exhausts were fitted with upswept extensions welded on.

This chop ran without a battery, I used a capacitor instead. All the electric's were kept in a specially designed King & Queen seat. It had a door fitted under the Queen part of the seat for access to the electrics.

Bonnie Chopper

This was also my first attempt at spray painting a bike. The mural on the mustang tank was copied from a sketch I seen in an Easyrider mag. Model paint (the wee tins you got for painting model airplanes etc.) were used to do the mural. The tank was then given a few coats of clear lacquer.

Bonnie Chopper

A lot of work was done on the engine during this rebuild , the rocker boxes, timing cover, gearbox and clutch casing were chromed. The timing gears were replaced with pre unit 650 ones (much lighter) and the primary drive was also changed from the standard triplex to a duplex chain, clutch and sprocket (saving 3Ibs of moving engine weight).

I combined my trip to Meriden with competing in my first drag race, at the first Superbike magazine "Run-What-You-Brung" held at Long Marston Airfield in Stratford-upon-Avon.
Yes I know ape hanger handlebars are not very aerodynamic, however I was more interested in beating my own times than beating anyone else's.


Drag Racing

As you can see its not easy to get your head down with ape hangers.

Drag Racing

I caught the bug and was determined to return with a faster Bonnie next time.

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