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Chopper VI

Wanted to build a quick cheap Run-a-Round chop so after a short search in the local advert papers I bought a standard Honda CB750 F2 dohc donor bike. It had about 40K miles on the clock, however being a Honda I new that unless a complete twat had owned it and never put oil in it, it would be sound.
I pulled it apart threw the frame onto the jig to make sure the frame was true, everything was ok. I then cut the rear frame and top (tank) tubes off, removed the swinging arm and fabricated a hardtail and single top tube conversion.

Honda Custom Chop Scotland

I asked mates, looked on ebay and in local ad papers for a cheap petrol tank, all to no avail. I was about to make one from scratch when I spotted an every day item (well up here anyway) and thought that will do. What was it? I will leave you guessing for a bit.

Honda Chopper Built in Scotland

I loved this chops reg number DOA - Dead on Arrival - I love tempting fate.
The front end and rear wheel are as Mr Honda intended them to be, the motor is stock except for a set of K&N's, it ran like shit with them on however I just kept adding electrical tape over them until it ran sweet and the plugs were a nice colour. Well I did say a cheap run-a-round.

Chopper Honda Custom Scotland

No it doesn't snow in Scotland all the time, it quite often rains, oh, and some times the sun shines, some times!! Anyway even a Honda power-slides in this stuff.
The backrest finial is a bit of a trade mark of mine, made a few for my chops now. I also like ape hangers.

Choppers built in Scotland

Worked out the tank's donor yet? I'll tell you soon. While were on about the tank, the FTW paint job was meant to have runs, I wanted it to have that graffiti look.

Choppers Rule FTW

The exhausts are standard down pipes with stainless steel silencers? They produced a lovely rip, when giving it some wellie. The seat was covered by a friend, it was her first attempt at a bike seat, well done I think.

Honda Custom Choppers Scotland

Did you work out the tank's donor yet, ok it was a - - propane gas tank. To be precise the bottom off a 47kg cylinder, once the ring is removed from the bottom, and cut at an angle. Do you see it now?
A very BIG word of WARNING, I have been on gas courses and should know better, I know that Propane is heavier than air, and at a certain Propane/Air mix it is explosive, so with this in mind I removed an EMPTY tank's valve and turned it upside-down (in an open drafty area) for a few hours before cutting into it with a 9" grinder. The smell of Propane was still very strong and I was shitting a brick when I first cut into it.
I was blown-up and killed - no - only kidding, but beware.

Honda Chop Drag Racing

This is a couple of pictures of the Honda at the Satan Slaves show in Crail, Fife. I had a great time drag racing it, and as you can see the sun does shine occasionally in Scotland.

Honda Chopper Drag Racing

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