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Project Triumph Bonneville 650

The Rebuild - Finished

Finished and MOTed .

NOTE: All pictures open in a new window when clicked on.

Triumph Bonnie 650

The guy doing the mot commented on how good the brakes are, in fact my sons standard Honda VFR 750 brakes didn't get as high a reading when it was mot'ed in the same place a couple of weeks later.

Triumph Bonnie 650

The seat cover was another job I did however I found the trim kept coming off at the front of the seat, this was fixed with a couple of rivets each side.

Triumph Bonnie 650

The Triumph engine runs sweet and its not nearly as hard to kick over as I expected. Its a tad lumpy at low revs, but I thought that would be the case with these camshafts fitted.

Project Triumph Bonneville 650

I'm still trying to get use to the four speed gearbox, I think it would run better with a few less teeth on the rear sprocket, I will probably drop about 4 or 5 teeth.

Triumph Bonnie 650

Below is a picture of the wiring under the seat I have use relays for full and dip beam. Kawasaki 550 coils power the spark plugs, which are a lovely tan colour. It is fitted with Boyer Branson electronic ignition.

Project Triumph Bonneville 650

As you will see from the picture above I have also braced the frame across the top shock mountings and taken a brace to the back of the sub-frame.
Well that's Project Triumph Bonneville 650 finished, if you would like to own it, contact me with any genuine and sensible offers over £2,500 I may consider a part exchange.


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