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Project Triumph Bonnie

The Rebuild - 2

I decided to go with Yamaha XS650 Special wheels, they were about when the Triumph Bonneville T140V and later models were (I owned both in 1979). These wheels where a fairly common mod for choppers in the 80's.
I built the swinging arm on a jig I made, from 50 x 25mm box section. It uses standard Triumph swinging arm bushes and spindle, it is 50mm longer and 75mm wider than the standard Triumph Bonneville swinging arm.
I have welded a mudguard close to the wheel; to cut down the spray off the roads and to add some extra bracing to the swinging arm.

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Triumph Bonnie Rear Wheel Conversion

I drilled the standard Yamaha disc, fabricated a caliper mounting bracket and fitted a newer Triumph 4 pot (front) caliper to it. The torque arm has 12mm rose joints with 12mm SS rod linking them. The calipers and the shocks were bought from my favourite shop - eBay.

Triumph Rear Wheel Brake  Conversion

I had to turn down the Yamaha's front wheel spindle to make it fit the Triumph Bonneville forks.

Triumph Bonneville Front Wheel & Brake Conversion

For the newer Triumph caliper to fit I had to grind off a section of the original caliper mount. The caliper mounting bracket is made from 12mm mild steel, and fits using the two original caliper studs.


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